Sore tail bone started with a shoulder injury


In December of 2001, I woke up one morning with a restriction in my left shoulder. It wasn't frozen, but several normal motions, such as throwing or touching my left hand to my backbone, were impossible.

In the months that followed, I developed a variety of sore muscles, mostly on my left side. The most maddening has been a sore tailbone. I'm not in the kind of pain that so many visitors to this website speak of, but the sore coccyx seems to be getting worse. Ironically, the shoulder restriction has lessened considerably.

Four doctors were baffled. Totally wasted money. A bodywork massage therapist may be responsible for the gains made by my shoulder. He told me the sore tailbone was some kind of spinoff from the shoulder restriction. Somehow, the original injury is passing on pain, right to the end of the spinal pipeline.

Anybody out there know anything about pain that is passed on to other body parts? My intuition tells me something is out of alignment. Nowadays, I get muscle pains from simple lifting and pulling.

Last point: I'm thinking seriously of becoming a raw foods vegetarian in hopes that might help. If anything in this message resonates with you, I hope you'll post a reply.

I send all of you healing Love & Light from the edge of the Western Ocean.

Updated 2002-09-01

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