Magic sneeze

Elizabeth "Betsy" S. -

As a child, I broke my tail bone jumping rope. For years, I suffered with the physical pain as well as the emotional pain from my doctor telling me it was no big deal.

Then the craziest thing happened. I was in a tanning bed and I had an incredible urge to sneeze. Not wanting to hit my head on the bed, I held back my sneeze as much as possible but the force seemed to shoot down my spine and my tail bone 'popped' - then I got a fantastic cool rush feeling down my legs. It was AWESOME!!

I lived pain free for 15 years. Unfortunately, 3 days ago the pain came back-just out of the blue. Looks like its time to start working on that tan again!!!

Good luck to us all! This pain is no fun....

Elizabeth "Betsy" S.

Updated 2002-10-06

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