Childbirth after coccygectomy

Bettina -

Almost three years ago I broke my tailbone delivering my son. I had a coccygectomy in May 2000 which has slowly brought me some relief although I still have some pain.

I am now seven months pregnant and am terrified to give birth again. I have not found anyone who has had a coccygectomy and then given birth vaginally. I am more interested in a ceserean section but have been told that my situation does not warrant it although the care givers that are telling me this have never delivered a baby to a woman without a coccyx nor do they know of anyone that has. I cannot bear the thought of going through the pain I had after my son was born again and I'm also worried about nerve damage.

I would love to hear from other women who have either successfully given birth vaginally post coccygectomy or have had a ceserean and if they had a ceserean what were their doctors reasons for suggesting it. I'm quickly running out of time and can't seem to get answers from any doctors in my area. HELP!!


Updated 2002-04-07

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