Strange complications/infections since surgery

Cathy -

I have had a coccygeal cleft and prominent coccyx my entire life, I was born with it. Through the birth of three children and 38 years of life, I have never had a problem. Unfortunately, in December the skin surrounding the cleft began chronic infections. After much research and surgeon consultant it was decided to remove the cleft and reduce the coccyx prominence ("remove a knuckle").

No problem with surgery, healed well, stitches out one week later. 8 days after surgery I started with severe night sweats and low grade fever. After 6 weeks of this, hospitalization for diagnostic purposes, many, many tests for things not even related to the surgery (e.g. is this menopause?) an MRI showed infection around the coccyx.

Seven weeks after the first surgery, I had surgery again. It turns out that my body had a "foreign body reaction" to the absorbable (Vicryl) stitches. I had filled a fluid filled sac and the stitches were floating around in there. This was all removed and the wound was left open to heal. Cultures also confirmed a staph infection.

One week after that surgery, fever and night sweats returned. Now the diagnosis of osteomyelitis was confirmed. 10 days after the second surgery I had the lower three portions of my coccyx removed for osteomyelitis, I was also started on another antibiotic for an infection named pseudonomas.

Now 1 week later, fever and night sweats are back.

My doctors have been great and I don't have any question about their capabilities. I do however feel like I am living a nightmare!!!

My suspicion now is a "foreign body reaction" to the inert, permanent stitches that were used.

Has anyone heard of such a thing or had any type of post surgical infection????



Updated 2002-06-02

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