Bike ride started the pain

Chandler -

It started around February of 2002 after a bike ride of some length. My tailbone was so sore, I had to walk my bike home. As a 50 year old athlete, I thought nothing of it and went to work. By April, I realized I was hurting and went to my urologist, I thought it was a nasty prostate infection. He put me on a strong antibiotic and 6 weeks later I still had trouble sitting (required for my CPA job). The urologist gave me an ultrasound and defined my problem as a prostate abscess in need of a "nothing" operation. Now I know there is no such thing, but I went through it with catheter and all the pain of it. One can imagine my dismay when after six weeks, I was supposed to be healed and the same pain in my perineal area remained. Oh, what now? The urologist sent me to a pain specialist who did an MRI to discover two herniated disks. Okay, now I probably have referral of nerve pain from T-12 and L-1. So he performed a new type of IDET procedure which I am now recovering from. But my tailbone and perineal area still hurt.

I then went to an orthopedic surgeon who told me I had coccydynia a "hard to get rid of injury". He suggested an epidural of steroids and I got that, which was better for a little while but nothing special.

So now I have my computer stand up station and try to never sit. I heat and ice my butt as often as I can and am really quite depressed. I can't even swim without pain from kicking, much less run or bike. I am against being drugged so try to use only aspirin and Advil.

It seems that the Almighty Medical Profession could figure out a little problem such as a pain in the ass, but I guess there is not much money in a cure.

Any suggestions?

Updated 2002-12-15

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