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Charlotte A. Jagneaux -

I just got back from the medical supply store where I purchased a round, heavy rubber ring that has to be blown up for me to sit on. It feels great, and I don't feel pain when I sit on it. WHAT A RELIEF!!! Now I can sit down and do my job (I'm a paralegal) without the incessant pain!!! The doctors all tell me that my tailbone will have to be removed, but I will keep searching for another treatment. As a personal injury paralegal, I have seen many people have back surgery with the expectation that the pain will disappear. The reality is, is that the pain can sometimes be reduced, but the surgery most often seems to aggravate, rather than help, your back problems.

I spoke to an old massage therapist yesterday who told me that when she has trouble with her tailbone she goes to a osteopath in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, but that's a 2 1/2 hour trip, and I don't think I can sit that long. She swears by this man. His name is Dr. Truluck, and she says he's 82 years old and weighs about 99 pounds, but has been a doctor for many many years, and can manipulate your tailbone so that it ceases to hurt and the inflammation can clear up. Maybe now with this new ring, eventually I can make the trip.


Charlotte A. Jagneaux

Updated 2002-03-31

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