Childbirth and broken tailbone

Christina -

I am a 31 year old female and I broke my tail bone during the birth of my daughter 2 years ago. It was the most horrible recovery! My tailbone still hurts-especially when sitting.

My current dilemma is this: I am currently 7 1/2 months pregnant and am terrified of it breaking again. My obstetric/gynecologist doesn't feel as though a c-section is necessary. She kind of pooh-pooh's the whole thing and doesn't think it will happen again.

But what if it does? I went into a depression after my daughter was born for months and I believe it was due to the tail bone break. I'm running out of time and I'm really starting to panic. Any advice would be helpful.



Note from Jon Miles:

According to the doctors who specialise in coccyx pain, the coccyx doesn't actually get broken. It is naturally in two or three segments, linked by ligaments. An injury can weaken the connections between these segments, or between the coccyx and the sacrum. Then if you sit down, that forces the weak joint apart, causing pain.

Doctors who are not experienced in treating coccydynia think that the coccyx must be broken, because medical textbooks wrongly say that the coccyx is fused into a single bone. When the doctor sees separate pieces on the x-ray, he or she assumes there must be a fracture.

Updated 2002-04-14

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