Four-year-old with protruding tailbone

Colleen -

My four-year-old son has a protruding tailbone. It angles out instead of under his buttocks. It is sharp and pointed. My pediatrician doesa not pay much attentention to it and calls it coccygodynia. But from what I read coccygodenia is pain, not this malformation. He only has pain when he falls on it or slides around on a hard surface. Do you know where I can get some info. We live in Pennsylvania, USA.

Please help

Note from Jon : see:

The human tail. Report of a case of coccygeal retroposition in childhood. Falzoni P, Boldorini R, Zilioli M, Sorrentino G

Human tails. Bar Maor JA; Kesner KM; Kaftori JK

Updated 2002-01-06

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