Riding a bike 6 months after surgery


After nearly 10 years of suffering and pain - and doctor referral after referral, not to mention the high medical bills, and quacks that thought I was the quack......always ready to give Another Pain medication to try, or comment it's all in the head, you have to learn to deal with it - it is part of growing old and etc. Like many others suffering, I did not want pain medication, I wanted my life back. I wanted to play ball - ride bikes - chase after my Grandchildren....

Being faced with a coccyx removal surgery (my coccyx was broken and very mobile) - I read your articles and hoped for half the relief you had gained..... I had my surgery on 12/18/01 - remained in the hospital for 2 days and then came home. I expected the worse possible pain.... To my surprise - the pain was less than I had experienced on a daily basis in my life everytime I stood up or sat down - and I found that I was actually able to sleep 6 - 10 straight hours without waking from the pain. On January 3rd I returned to work full time on mild pain medication (Ultram). I was on a full road to recovery until I developed an inter wound infection. On January 26th I went back to the hospital for a 2nd surgery to open and clean the wound. This time I spent three days in the hospital and 6 weeks on home PICC Line Antibiotics. My employer allowed me to work from my hospital bed and then from home --- so I never missed a days work. I also continued with my "Hospice Volunteer".

I am nearly 100% (95-99) I would say since my surgery. My surgeon removed the entire tail bone. My hope was to have a 50% pain relief. This past weekend I rode bikes nearly 8 miles with my Grandson and played softball toss in the park. We jog / fast walk daily. I think pushing myself forward aided in my quick, complete recovery. At the hospital my doctor and nurses kept saying slow down, you shouldn't be doing this, I can't believe you're walking, etc. I'm 50 years old ---- 10 years was wasted to back pain from a back injury --- the next 10 years are going to be productive and catch up!

Unlike most Medical Doctors - and surgeons out there - mine listened to me. I was not a number nor dollar sign to him - I was a human with a true life invading pain! I was his 4th tail bone removal, the 1st with 100% recovery!. (How often does a person actually break a tail bone?) My understanding and professional Surgeon was Norbert Roosen, MD, DR MED - Neurosurgery Associates of Oakwood - an Affiliation of Henry Ford Health System and Oakwood Healthcare, INC. 18181 Oakwood Boulevard Medical Office Building, Suite 402 - Dearborn, MIchigan 48124 (313) 436-2330 office (313) 436-2328 fax

PS: Last Evening -- I was climbing a tree with my grandson! This week end we are going fishing. Growing old should not be PAINFUL - growing old should leave behind memories of the great times we had with our children and now with theirs! I haven't taken pain medication in months.....I'm too busy catching up on LIFE!

Updated 2002-05-19

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