Rear-ending caused coccyx pain, had surgery

Dana -

I was rear-ended on the freeway February of 1999. After seeking treatment from 6 different (hard to find) doctors and not getting relief from cortisone, steroids, manipulation, medication, or massage...I finally found a doctor to perform a coccygectomy. He did it outpatient & I was doing well for the first 3 days. Until the anesthesia wore off. Then I got a little tender. But I am no worse off than before & am still healing. My doc is optimistic that I will have a 70-85% reduction in pain. I get my stitches out tomorrow!

Currently I am in litigation with the person who hit me. The defense doesn't believe that this occurred as a result of the fender bender since most coccyx fx's are attributed to fall injuries or birth. I'm not sue happy, but I do need to be compensated for the time I've taken off from this surgery.

Anybody else out there that was not symptomatic in any way prior to a car accident?

Updated 2002-04-07

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