Tired of suffering from tailbone pain

Debbie - pdekkliment@elkvalley.net

About a year ago I started having tailbone pain out of the blue. I had suffered no trauma to the area. It progressively got worse and after five months and bottles of Advil, I went to my doctor. He did x-rays and found nothing. I went back a couple of months later and was given a cortisone shot in the tailbone. It did absolutely nothing.

After another couple of months passed my doctor sent me for a bone scan which also turned up nothing, so he sent me to see an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon was at a loss as to why I would be having the pain and scheduled me for a Cat Scan which I'll have in a couple of weeks. In the meantime he prescribed anti inflammatory cream and I was to have massage therapy to the area. Both have done nothing.

I am finding in the past month now that after I have been sitting and I get up, the pain is horrible! I also described a pain in my L5 region which has point tenderness. I find on days when my tailbone is giving me more trouble than usual, that spot hurts also. If I am on my feet too long, I can't bend over without hanging on to something. It is very, very sore to bend over. I have been sitting on a donut for months now but gave it up a couple of weeks ago because my back couldn't handle it anymore.

I am a secretary and spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week sitting. I am getting so frustrated not only with the constant pain (which only goes away when I'm laying on my side), but it is affecting my way of life. I didn't ski last winter for fear of falling on my behind, and unless I can get this resolved I won't be hitting the slopes this winter either. I love to fish, but after going out in the boat last summer once with my donut and extra foam, I couldn't move for three days. I'd love some suggestions for other angles to look at and how to cope with the constant pain.



Updated 2002-11-10

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