Use of Neurontin for tailbone pain

Debra L Mahood

I have had tailbone pain for approximately 1 year. Recently I was sent to a pain specialist to search for a possible relief to this pain. I had no trauma to this area. The conclusion was the pain was from a pinched nerve when I was carrying my second child, during the last two months of my pregnancy.

The doctor prescribed neurontin to prepare me for my first shot in the nerve. The dosage was 1 a day at bedtime for 3 days, 2 times a day for 3 days, 3 times a day for 3 days. He left the regimen up to me as to how it effected my daily functions. A couple of days of drowsiness at each start of the upped dosage and a small bout of dizziness and all seems to be going well. The pain seems much less and I can have a full nights sleep and work in some comfort. All in all it has been good and I have only been taking the medication for 9 days.

Debra L. Mahood

Updated 2002-02-17

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