It didn't hurt till about 8 years after the injury

Denise Rendon -

When I was a little girl, say about 5 years old, I was at my neighbor's house and we were playing on the swings when I fell and hurt my tail bone.

It didn't hurt till about 8 years later. It started hurting when I was in 7th grade and I was about 12 years old. The pain was terrifying. It was hard for me to walk. The hardest part was sitting down. I had to sit down at an angle to try not to feel the pain. I was at a wedding once and I love to dance but this day I couldn't even dance. I would cry so much because the pain wouldn't go away. Oh I hated it. I thought I was going to have surgery but then I went to the doctor and I was feeling better. Ever since then I have felt the pain like 3 times.

I am 15 years old as a sophomore in high school and glad it went away. I am not in pain now but every once in a while I get a sharp pain from sitting down a lot. When I went to the doctors the nurse told me that I should buy a "doughnut pillow" to sit in and it won't be as painful.

Updated 2002-01-27

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