Coccyx removed in Paris

Dominique Bazin -

For 4 years I have had a pain in my bottom, and the doctors didn't find the reason until I discovered your site on the Internet. It describes exactly what I have!

I printed out the pages and gave them to the doctors. They didn't like being taught by a patient but, after taking dynamic (sit/stand) x-rays, they agreed, and sent me to Doctor Maigne in Paris. (One doctor told me: 'It is a good reason for me to learn how to use Internet').

For one year, Doctor Maigne tried anti-inflammatory injections but they failed.

Tomorrow, I will take a plane to Paris and on Thursday Doctor Doursounian will remove my coccyx. I hope that it will give me a new life (after few months).

I have just one problem: I live in the Pyrenees mountains and I have to explain to my insurers that only Doctors Maigne and Doursounian, in Paris, can do this surgery and that my insurance has to pay the travel. Not easy. I will give you news when I am back in front of my computer.

10 days later:

I am back from Paris, and my two last vertebrae have been removed. They were hypermobile and they were free of the coccyx. They could move freely, and locked when I sat down.

36 hours after the operation, I was walking in the corridors of the hospital and 10 days later I am back at home. During the 10 days in the hospital I have never had any pain. It is as if it had been removed by a magic wand! I have to wait 2 weeks before I sit down, but I feel very good.

I will be glad to answer questions. I recommend Doctors Maigne and Doursounian! Once again I would like to thank you for your website. My only regret is that I was obliged to wait 3 years with the pain before discovering your website.

Best regards Dominique

Updated 2002-05-26

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