Coccyx bent forward at a 90 degree angle

From Donna  - Mark.Melsness@EC.GC.CA

Posted 1999-11-25

I had a baby 15 months ago, and was fine before that. I am still unable to sit comfortably. Six months after I had the baby x-rays were taken. I found out my coccyx was at a 90 degree angle bent forward (in). According to some doctors I've seen, I may have been born this way. My labour was very long and I had a difficult delivery. I also have had a lot of pain in my back, which developed five months after giving birth.

Six months of physiotherapy helped this a bit, but was not practical to continue. I was to a chiropractor who said my muscles "were a mess," but there was nothing he could do. I have also seen an orthopedic surgeon, several general practitioners, gynecologist, acupuncturist, a few massage therapists, and a physiatrist (muscle & sports medicine specialist). The physiatrist gave me a cortisone shot which didn't work for me. He told me there is nothing else he can do for me. He suggested a name of a chiropractor that does manipulation on the tailbone. I will meet with him and a person who does Deep European Massage. I am also on the waiting list for the pain clinic here in Winnipeg which I've been told has a waiting list of 6 to 12 months. I am also considering alternative types of therapy (ie. magnets, herbal medicine, natural oils). At this point I don't see any harm as so far all of the doctors don't know what to do for me.

Update 2002-02-24:

Hi Donna,

I found this personal experience you have described in about having a 90 degree inward bent coccyx (tail) bone.

My x-rays show the very exact problem, but in my case the problem is because I fell backwards about 3 years back. So far I have also been looking for a solution to the problem (tried all of chiro, physio, message, orthopedic etc).

I was curious to know if you have found a treatment or solution that you would like share the information with me to help solve my back problem...

Thanks for your time...

Prashanth -

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