Anything I should do other than walking?

Geri -

I am not as active as I use to be and I'm only 38 years old, but I really feel 83. My chiropractor told me walking is good and that I should see him every day. Between the bills and the visits it really makes me old.

Two years ago I fell on the carpeted stairs at home. The day after, I could hardly walk or sit. Right then I knew my life would be different. As time went by (6 weeks) I thought this pain would be gone for good. I had to learn that soft foods would be better for me as pressing really hurts. Walking seemed to help, I guess, but I really did miss jogging.

I am Alaska native very fit for my age, I am a mother of three, 12,14 and 19. All normal births. I am 5 foot 1 inch, 130 pounds, normally 120 pounds. I'm very healthy aside from chronic ear problems.

I spent 72 hours on the greyhound bus (family emergency) last week after which the pain has increased, so now I am writing this laying on my stomach on a bean bag .

Is there anything that I should do other than walking? Are there any exercises I can do that might strengthen or align my coccyx or relieve my pain?

Sincerely Geri

Updated 2002-03-17

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