Need to find a professional

Gracie -

I've had pain in my coccyx since August of 2001. I've had an x-ray and MRI done, both showing nothing wrong in the bones. I've seen two chiropractors and an osteopath who numbed the area and did an internal rectal adjustment. No use. I don't know what to do next or what type of doctor to see. A surgeon doesn't make sense as this is not bone-related, evidently.

My strong suspicion about the cause of the pain is having sat in a hard (metal) computer chair for a couple of weeks, and reclining so that my weight was on the coccyx. I have no way of telling whether this is nerve-related or fascia or something else?

As you can see, I have little knowledge and need a professional, but not sure how to find one who can work with non-bone coccyx problems. I don't think chiropractors are the answer.

I'm in Austin, Texas but would call other states if need be to speak with an expert.

Please help.

Thanks, Gracie

Updated 2002-06-02

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