Lacrosse injury

Hantzel -

I was playing lacrosse and during practice, I got hit hard and landed on my butt/ lower back. I then thought it might have been a bruise or something. I didn't experience pain until 4 days after the incident and now I am experiencing horrible pains in my lower back region. When I touch it, I feel a little bump, and it hurts when I push it. When I get up after sitting for a little white, I feel pain.

If you know about how long it will take to recover from this, please let me know the fastest time it will take to recover. I am only a 9th grader and I have a long way ahead of sports left in my life and I don't wanna throw away my only reason for staying in school.

Sooo please if you can help me, contact me at

Updated 2002-04-21

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