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Original posting, 2002-11-24:

In July 2002 I was on a long bus ride from Minnesota to Florida. While I was sleeping on the bus, my coccyx area began to throb in sharp stabbing pains. I woke up a number of times and could hardly move myself in my seat because the pain was so intense and it brought me to tears a few times.

Ever since then I have been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my coccyx area whenever I am sitting for an extended period of time. This is usually when I am at church, in my car, or at a movie (which are things I do VERY frequently as I am at church 3-4 days a week and I am always in my car). I do not experience it at work very often as I make sure I am constantly up and out of my seat moving around. I am also the type of person who cannot sit still for very long, so that helps relieve the pain at work.

I went to a chiropractor in August and I told him about the pain. I told him that it hurt in my bottom and he instantly began to do deep muscle work which relieved some of the pain. When I could no longer afford to see him, I stopped going and the pain quickly came back. At the time I didn't think it was my t-bone but just tight muscles and my chiropractor had no clue himself.

A few days ago I went to my PCP and he examined me. Although it did not hurt when I went there, when he pushed on the area where my coccyx is, I nearly leapt off the table from the pain the pressure caused. My PCP did some x-rays and showed them to me. Although he did not say exactly how, he did say that I injured my coccyx somehow. At the time I could not explain how because I don't ever recall it ever hurting before that long bus ride. While looking at the x-ray he did see some white substance between two of the bones and he could not explain to me what it was. He did not feel that it was cancer or a tumor but that he wanted to send it to a radiologist to find out what it was. He did question that maybe it was osteoporosis (which makes no sense since I'm only 24 and I am the biggest consumer of calcium in the world!!!) I'm still waiting to hear back from him.

Yesterday I think I figured out the source of the pain. I started to bike ride in May. I recall a numbness in my lower body after I was done riding but I don't ever remember my coccyx hurting after. I think that maybe the bicycling caused friction to my coccyx and injured it. I haven't ridden much since then due to the cold weather here in Minnesota.

I have had this pain for 5 months now. My doctor said I had two options: 1. to have the radiologist look at the x-ray and wait it out or 2. speak to an orthopaedic surgeon. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I decided to do #1 and see what the radiologist has to say.

Does this thing heal itself? Should it even take that long to heal? Most people who injure their T-Bone, it heals within 6 weeks! Who knows.

Update, posted 2003-02-23:

The radiologist did not see anything wrong with my coccyx but recommended I go see an orthopaedic surgeon. I went to the orthopaedic surgeon in December 2002 and he diagnosed me with coccydynia. He set up a treatment plan with a series of events that would occur. First we tried Celebrex. That did not relieve any of the pain. Then a few weeks later we tried Vioxx. That did not relieve the pain either. In fact, they only temporarily helped but when I sat for longer than an hour, intense pain would occur. On two occasions within the past month I have been so sore that I have had to drive home from somewhere in the most excruciatingly painful position and I was in tears the entire way. I have never felt so much intense pain ever.

I called the OS and he suggested the next step in the treatment plan, a cortisone shot. This appointment is tomorrow and I am quite nervous about it as I know of a few people who have had these shots and they tell me they are quite painful.  Sunday my coccyx was hurting so bad, I took a medication that I was given for a problem I had at the beginning of the year (new year's eve) which placed me in the hospital over night (unrelated to my coccyx) as I had an air bubble trapped between my lungs and heart. That hurt extremely bad to the point where I couldn't breath, eat, or lay down. They gave me a prescription for oxycodone (percocet), which is the drug I took on Sunday and it was EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE with the coccydynia. Although this worked so well, I decided to do the cortisone shot anyway. I am too fearful of having a drug addiction. Although that medicine was successful, I have not taken it since because of this fear. I will post you on the results of the shot. But I can guarantee you that I am extremely nervous about it!


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