Acute pain when standing up after sitting

Jane -

Hi, my name is Jane. I have had pain in my tailbone for almost 2 years now, it is getting to the point I have to be careful every time I sit, and when I stand after long periods of time sitting, it feels like someone is trying to kill me, it hurts soo bad. I can feel something pivot inside from time to time, depending on how I move.

Has anyone else ever had that sensation and what did you do? I have appointment with the neurosurgeon on Friday. Will let ya know what he has to say.

Anyone have any suggestions - I am open and tired of being in pain.

Note from Jon Miles:

This symptom, of a particularly bad pain when moving to a standing position after sitting a while, has been found to be associated with a coccyx that partly dislocates when you sit down - see Symptoms of coccydynia.

Updated 2002-05-05

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