Pregnancy stopped the pain

Judy Royle -

Original posting, 2002-06-23:

In 1997, my husband and I were flying from the UK to Florida (about an 8 hour flight). I found I had to stand for the whole flight as it hurt too much to sit. Coming back, as it was a red-eye, I had to kneel in front of the seat and rest on the seat cushion and slept that way all the way home (much to the embarrassment of my husband!!). From that point on, I had a hard time sitting on any type of chair (hard or soft) and found sitting more on one buttock was less painful. I also found that changing positions while sitting was very painful (long meetings at work....) and going from sitting to standing.

I saw my GP who suggested I have an MRI as I had a pilonoidal cyst removed in 1977. He thought it might have returned. Nothing was found but the internist suggested I see a pain specialist for injections. These injections did help for a while (about 6 months a go). When I was due for another one, I found that I was pregnant (1999) and I didn't want to have any injections at that point. The wonderful thing was, with all the lovely hormones flying around the body while pregnant, I had NO pain!! Even at full term, I could sit and stand with out any problems. This pain free time continued up to about 5 months after my daughter was born (due to breast feeding??). Then it started coming back with a vengeance!!

I got more injections again but the time they worked was gradually less and less until finally they stopped. The pain specialist always mentioned how prominent my coccyx was every time I saw him. He thought I would be a good candidate for a removal.

I went back to my GP who then suggested I see a neuro-surgeon. He had never done a coccyx removal but he knew of an orthopedic surgeon who did. I saw him and he firstly suggested some physical therapy. Saw the PT and she also did some acupuncture (no luck there).

Having seen this site, I went back to the surgeon and asked about a manual manipulation and he said it would be a good thing to try before doing any surgery. Last Thursday, I had it done along with more injections. He came in to see me about what he found and said that the coccyx was moving very freely (shouldn't) and that it might be dislocated or fractured. If this didn't work, it would have to come out.

Well, if this is my only option, I'll have to get pregnant again quickly (we want another child) and then think about removal after that. I'm back at work today and I find that I have to sit forward because I'm still too sore to try to sit normally. I've ordered a tush cush from the Back Shop in London to see if that helps.

I see the doctor again a week from Thursday to see what he thinks/says. I'll update then.


Judy Royle

Update, posted 2002-07-07:

Saw the surgeon last Thursday as follow-up of the manipulation. I told him that there has been no improvement (and at other times it's been worse).

He told me I had no other option now other then to have the coccyx removed. As it moves around freely (and it shouldn't), he feels that it's probably broken. Recovery time would be 6-8 weeks.

As we want to have another child in the next few months, I told him that I probably wouldn't have anything done until next year.

Watch this space.

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