To all tailbone ailers

Julie -

Listen, I am 31, I have had tailbone pain for as long as I could remember. Over the years it got worse and worse, I finally went to the doctor (the first time) to have him press hard on my tailbone and then tell me it was arthritis in my lower back, huh??? My lower back wasn't the problem, it was my tailbone.

After many months and many different "arthritis" medications I decided to do my own research online. I read something on coccydynia and it described EVERYTHING I have always felt, bad menstrual cramps, hard third trimester in pregnancy, not being able to sit, etc. I had all the ailments. I got a second opinion (without telling the doctor of my research) and he came up with coccydynia. I was soooo relieved. He was surprised the first doctor didn't do a rectal exam. By doing this, they pushed on my tailbone from the inside. At first it hurt, but do you know that after the initial hurt it actually felt much better for awhile, but sitting caused the pain to come back again. Doctors don't know enough about coccydynia to always come up with that with our descriptions of our problems. They need more education on this.

My main reason for writing is to say, get it fixed asap. I have had this problem for over 15 years and it if only getting worse. I am in the three shot process of getting rid of the pain. So far, I have only had one shot. It has been two weeks and my pain has tripled from what it was before the shot. I am crying, crabby, frustrated, depressed. It is so hard to have pain constantly, every day/night, go to bed with it, get up with it. Deal with it all day, it is hard.

GET YOURSELF FIXED ASAP!! It is a hard life that many don't understand. The worst part about it is insurance only pays for 60 pain pills a month. Guess what? Only two a day doesn't make the pain go away.

It sickens me to know that my pain relies on people that can sit without pain, anytime for any length of time. They just don't get it. And I am so tired of being in pain. So desperately tired of pain. I would like ONE DAY without pain. JUST ONE would be nice.

Updated 2002-10-06

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