Coccyx does not show on x-ray at all

Karen -

Hello, my name is Karen and I've been experiencing coccyx pain on and off for years. The pain has sometimes been excruciating and is getting worse.

Initially I didn't realize were the pain was originating. I had a total hysterectomy a couple of years ago and the doctor was 95% sure that this would eliminate my pain. It didn't. I was having rectal spasms and went through all the testing, and now my GP sent me to a pain clinic. I've been getting cortisone injections and they seem to help on a minimal basis. The doctor did an epidural and x-rays the last visit and she says it appears to her that my tailbone is broken off or turned inward at a 90% angle as 3 x-rays didn't find it at all.

My question to you and yours: Will a caudal block be effective if my coccyx is broken off? It sounds to me that the only alternative would be removal. Can anyone make a suggestion as to my next step?

Note from Jon Miles:

If they can't find your coccyx on three x-rays, then maybe you haven't got one, or it's very small. I would want to have a second opinion about this, and maybe an MRI or CT scan or high-resolution x-ray, to be certain what the situation is before having any operation.

Updated 2002-12-15

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