Mountain bike accident

Kelly -

July 2000:

About ten weeks ago I had an accident, involving a mountain bike. An x-ray showed a large gap between my coccyx and sacrum and I had also displaced my coccyx. Since then I have been in considerable pain, when sitting, getting up, lying on my back, turning in bed and walking (I am short so if I stretch my legs it really hurts). I have not had a good nights sleep since the accident and frankly its a pain in the bum. Having seen a specialist (orthopaedic surgeon) who said I would have to learn to cope with the pain on painkillers for up to 3 years I was obviously heartbroken.

I did not know a lot about my injury until recently when I've visited your web site. What a relief to finally find someone who may tell me the truth. I am a very active person normally but have been reduced to shying away from all activities even swimming. I have also been suffering from lower back pain caused by over compensating the rest of my back. I have tried a ring and wedge but they only increase the sitting for a short length of time, I am on co-proxamol, voltarol and use TENS but they don't really work.

January 2002:

Since my last e-mail nothing much has changed. I still have a lot of pain when sitting, lying flat on my back, walking too fast or far (especially across rough ground or up/down hills), the pain is intolerable when going to sit or stand. All this even after twice undergoing manipulation under general anaesthetic and steroid injections (the last one on 15 November 2001), but only slight improvement then a quick return to normal. I have to give up most of my social life as I like going to eat out, the cinema, theatre and most sports. I have tried swimming but even this can irritate the coccyx.

I have joined the t-bones discussion group and regularly read Jon's web site, this has helped me psychologically due to having some support. I was offered the operation in August 2001 but decided to have another injection instead. I return to hospital on 18 January 2002 and I have decided to have the operation although I am fearful of the risks and that it may not work. I have read some positive feedback but on the whole the odds of success are low.

It looks like I will lose my job, and with Coccydynia how am I going to get a job and somewhere to live? I have no idea what to do or who to turn to, but something will turn up! I hope!!

Anyway if anyone wants to know more or has any advice or just wants to chat please e-mail me at:

Thanks for reading my story and the very best of luck to you all. Happy New Year.


Updated 2002-01-27

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