No injury, but very painful going from sitting to standing


Thank God I found this site. I was honestly starting to think this is all in my head.

I started experiencing tailbone pain a few weeks ago . . . don't know of an exact date. No pain while sitting and standing but going from sit position to stand position takes some effort. The only other time I have felt pain similar to this was from a car accident in 1989. It was very painful to go from sit position to stand position due to a bruised tail bone. It lasted a few weeks but I have had no effects from it since. Then recently I started experiencing the same exact symptoms. I do have a job where I sit a long time but I try to get up periodically to stretch the area. It seems that the longer I sit, the more it hurts to get up (also hurts to push on it with my finger). I try to sit with my back arched and my butt in an outward position. It seems to lessen the pain when I get up. Then too, if you sit like that too much, you can get lower back pain or you legs could lose circulation!! Some days it's just a no-win situation.

Don't think I am ready for surgery. Gonna give it a little more time. I think I will at least have an x-ray just to make sure there isn't anything foreign growing there. Thanks so much to all of you that have posted your story. Very Informative!! I now know I am not crazy . . . just have a permanent pain in the a**.

Good luck to all of you who are receiving extensive treatments.


Updated 2002-08-25

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