Tailbone removed November 5th

Kristen Beinlich - luvjoshua1-9@msn.com

My name is Kristen Beinlich and I would love to help anyone dealing with coccyx pain. I dealt with coccyx pain for over 3 years. My pain came on about 3 months after the death of my sister. A lot of doctors told me my pain was psychosomatic and had me going to psychiatrists for anti-depressants and psychotherapy. I also had bio-feedback, physical therapy, 2 epidurals and 1 nerve block with no relief from anything. Stress seemed to make my pain worse. I was very determined to find the cause of my pain and ended up back in my orthopedic's office several times throughout the years. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Francini, [on the List of Doctors and Specialists in the USA] was very supportive and patient with me in helping me to find the cause/cure for my pain. And didn't give up on me. He finally recommended a wonderful physical therapist and together with her and Dr. Francini's help, we finally determined that I had an unstable tailbone.

Robin is an internal physical therapist [Robin Christenson, on the List of Doctors and Specialists in the USA]. She has helped many people with coccyx pain recover and her prices were pretty reasonable. There are not many like her out in the field. She was the one that discovered my coccyx was very unstable and wiggled all around. I finally went back to my orthopedic surgeon and he agreed to let me go forward with seeing a spine specialist for a surgery to get my tailbone removed.

All I can say is my surgeon was the BEST!!! He was local and even inside my Health Network with Blue Cross California Care. When they did the surgery and removed my tailbone, he discovered the first vertebra that connected to the joint that connects to the sacrum was cracked and was causing my coccyx to wiggle around like a fish! 3 years of pain!

I would love to recommend my doctor for anyone planning on having coccyx surgery. It has only been 5 weeks. I am in minimal pain. I am sitting, walking, exercising, driving and back to work. I will probably have surgical pain for 3 to 6 months, but like I said, it is nothing like before. If your MRIs or X-rays are coming up negative and they say there is nothing left they can do for you, don't give up. Keep fighting. Coccyx pain is real and there is a REASON for it. It your tailbone is, in fact, the root of the problem, tailbone removal is a terrific option. Do not let ignorance scare you away and feel you have to live in pain forever.

Kristen Beinlich

Updated 2002-12-15

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