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Leonie -

My name is Leonie and I too am suffering this "unsufferable" condition. I shattered my tailbone on a water slide and my life is hell. The strange thing about this injury is the amount of people that tell you they are sympathetic to my plight because at some time in their lives they have had some sort of damage to their tailbone.

I find the hardest thing for me to cope with is the fact that I cannot lay on my back without getting horrible burning pain in the back of my hips, usually on one side or the other. Regardless of the doctor I go to they all tell me that they can't understand why I would have pain there as I should be most comfortable when lying down because there is no pressure on my tailbone. I find this is so insulting I now don't know if I am imagining this or just going crazy. I do know that I haven't slept in a bed for over two years and not only is my life hell but my marriage and family are on the rocks, I am at the point of total depression, permanently and need to find answers.

This may be posted with my details as I have nothing to lose, and if there is anybody else that feels like I do I would like to know that we can share and help each other.

Updated 2002-03-10

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