Doctor thinks I'm hallucinating

Lisa -

Hello my name is Lisa, and I reside in Massachusetts.

On November 11, 2001 I fell down the stairs at work and I was diagnosed to have fractured my coccyx. It has been a terrible experience for me - sitting is out of the question, walking is uncomfortable, and forget wearing my tight jeans. It's all sweats and spandex for me.

I need help. I was getting workers compensation. When I went to see the insurer's chiropractor, he concluded that little was wrong with me, and that I can return back to work.

My job was as a caretaker for the mentally ill and the tasks that I am required to do I can't even do for myself at home.

How can doctors be so smart yet so naive at the same time?

Please help me find someone who knows about coccydynia in the state of Massachusetts

Thanks - desperately seeking Lisa.

Updated 2002-02-03

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