12 year old with pain


My daughter fell while dancing about 1.5 years ago and has been living with the coccyx pain ever since. Apparently she had fractured her tail bone. She now takes 9 advils a day and carries the Tush Cush wherever she goes. Unfortunately the pain seems to only be getting worse. She finds herself standing in class most of the time and even that doesn't seem to help anymore.

Her doctor is now recommending cortisone shots with surgery the possible if that doesn't work. I hear cortisone shots can be quite painful. Do cortisone shots provide enough relief to make it worth it?

Should we consider surgery or is this too risky, particularly to a 12 year old girl?

Anyone know of any good doctors in the Seattle area for second opinion?

Thank you,


Note from Jon Miles about requests for doctors:

Several people have posted a note asking for good doctors in their area, as above. To find out whether these requests got any useful responses, I emailed 7 people who had posted a request recently. Five of them replied. Two had received no suggestions, one had received several names of doctors, and was still considering her options, and one had received the name of an experienced doctor, had visited him and was hopeful for the future. Another had received the name of a surgeon who had removed the writer's coccyx, but had not visited him as he was too far away. The two doctors have been added to the List of doctors and other specialists. An alternative way of trying to find a doctor is to join the t-bones discussion group, and ask the people there.

Updated 2002-03-31

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