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Lori - whocares@rogers.com

Original message, posted 2001-10-20:

Hi there gang:

I just had surgery on my tailbone on Sept 25, 2001 at 12:00 noon. It took 2 hours in the operating room, and then off to recovery. I spent 3 days in the hospital and then I was off to my home, 1 hour away. I layed in the back of our van until I got home. It was done by Dr. Lithwick (see list of doctors).

I have been on painkillers and at this point I am not on any pain meds except at night. I had spent a year of pain before the surgery as I had fallen down 8 steps - OUCH!!!

First update, posted 2001-11-11:

Hi Gang: Just a little update.

I am doing much better. I have no pain when I am up and around unless I have sat too long. I can sit for about 15 minutes and then I have to move. I would recommend this to anyone. I am so happy I had it done. I am still healing and have a few open areas. I am so glad to feel normal again. I am here if anyone needs support. Keep your head up or bums up lol. Thinking of you all who have suffered like me.

Take care Lori

Second update, posted 2002-02-03:

Hi Everyone: I had my surgery 4 months ago, and am I ever glad that I did. It has been 4 months and I feel like a new person. My incision has healed all up and I have a little pain, or maybe not a pain but a discomfort, when I sit to long. If I use my pillow I can sit much longer. It still does not stop me, not like it used to.

I have a life again. If you can believe it, "I WENT TUBBING" with a big hill and lots of bumps, I had no problem and no pain. My children get a big laugh and like to tell everyone that I can flop my BUTT on my chair without any pain.

I hope this finds others getting the progress out of surgery that they where hoping for. I wish you all the best. Feel free to contact me. Lori

Third update, posted 2002-03-23:

Hi Jon: You saved my life having this home page for all of us to look at, and seeing others experiences.

Just a little update: I am doing wonderful, I no longer have any pain. It has just about has been six months. One of our group contacted me and is going to my surgeon here in Canada and will be having surgery in the next month.

Just think Jon how many people you have helped. I enjoy coming back to see if there is anyone that I can help that lives near me. Thanks for everything.

Fourth update, posted 2002-07-07:

I am doing wonderful, no pain , no after effects from the surgery.

Today I was out shoveling and doing my rock garden over with my hubby and my 3 children. I do everything, well almost everything, I have not been brave enought to try to do a sit up yet. I have thought about it, but I want to make sure that I am well healed before I try it, I sure do not want to stir anything up.

I am so glad that it has turned out the way it did. I am hoping that it never comes back, but it is always on my mind "what if it does".

But for now I am doing great. I hope you all a better or pain free day sometime soon.

Your friend Lori

Fifth update, posted 2004-08-22:

It will be three years this September that I had my surgery. I just wanted everyone to know that I am doing wonderful. I return to your web page to see if I can be of any help to any one else. I enjoy hearing others story whether they are good or bad. I have had no set back and hope that I never have to face them. I enjoy life like I use to. Nothing stops me now that I do not have any pain any more.

I think of all those who suffer like I use too. My heart is there for everyone. Thanks Jon for being a big part of our lives.

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