Lorraine -

Hello Jon and everyone else.

I had my coccyx removed on Sept. 25th after two years of trying everything. So far, I am doing very well and have had far less a bad experience then I had anticipated. If anyone should care for updates or any information regarding details of my surgery, please feel free to contact me and ask your questions.

Update 1:

Right now I am 3 weeks post op. I have been driving my car, going shopping, etc., for the last 2 weeks. I sit fine at my computer leaning somewhat forward. At the dinner table I use my pillow but am still uncomfortable. My couch is the kind of leather you sink into and big (I am short) and I cannot sit unless I put my feet up to the side. I take Advil during the day and pain meds at night. I have been told that with any kind of spinal surgery, it takes a good year for things to settle down.

In my case, the pain that resulted in this surgery, favored the right side and was present 24/7. I can say now that THAT pain is gone as I would recognize it if I were unconscious. I have general pain in the coccyx area that I am hoping is just surgical pain.

Prior to the surgery, I took Advil every 2 hours, now I might take it once during the day. I still cannot lay on my back for more than a minute or so. I do still have the stitches, though, and they are like 2 inch spikes everywhere going in all directions. Once they are gone, I expect things will improve. In general, I am feeling very well. I have been stiff but I credit that to lack of exercise as I used to work out 3 times a week. My only other complaint would be that I tire easily. When I do go out and go shopping or run errands, I feel like I ran a marathon and that is about all I can do for that day. I will see my doctor on the 17th and will try to update some more after that.

Thinking of you all, Lorraine

Update 2:

Hello everyone,

I went to the doctor today jumping with joy at that thought of getting my dreaded stitches removed but it did not happen. The doctor told me he would remove them in three more weeks. He went on to explain that three weeks was a date to "shoot for" but it was not for everyone. He told me it was nothing I did wrong but that I simply was not ready to have them removed. I am not happy about this but so be it.

To be continued, Lorraine

Update 3:

Hi Jon and everyone else!

I finally got my stitches removed on Nov. 7th! Wow, that was a long time. Since the skin had had six weeks to heal around the sutures, it hurt a good bit getting them out. Once they were gone, I felt like a new person. My progression has been strange to say the least. Every time I am "sure" of something, it changes. My biggest fear was that the "pain" that led me down the surgical path would return but from day one, it did not. Suddenly I realized that the "pain" always came when I was sitting or lying on my back and with the stitches in, I could do neither so how could I really tell? Well, the stitches came out and I held by breath. No pain. I went about one week and was just about to update when it returned and made me feel physically ill. I was so depressed but then it disappeared as fast as it came. It now comes and goes more like a twinge or a distant memory. If it never gets better than this, I will be happy because I can live with an occasional twinge.

I am completely off pain medicine but keep some just in case. I have pain that is new to me but I still believe it is post surgical and hope I haven't just traded pains. Sometimes during the night I get something similar to an attack of stabbing type pain while lying on my side but they it disappears.

So, in summary, today I am glad I had the surgery and have promised myself to be patient as I lived with the pain for over two years. I do everything I used to except work out. It involves too much floor sitting. I am going to seek out a heated pool to swim in. I will update again in a couple of weeks.

Thinking of you all.


Update 4, 2001-12-19:

Hello Jon, Hello All,

I have not written in a while as I have been depressed. I am now over 2 months post surgery and my pain has returned 100%. I do not feel the OP was unsuccessful but rather that the coccyx was not the problem. I stated earlier that my pain always favored the right side and hurt while sitting or laying on my back. I didn't not have much trouble going from the sitting to standing position. All along, I though I had a nerve problem but no one paid much attention to that theory. I had an impar bloce prior to the surgery to ease my own mind. However, they gave me something for pain following the block to ease it's pain. Thus the results were confusing. I am convinced now that although I had whacked my coccyx pretty hard, it was not the perpetrator. My pain is about an inch to the right where the split begins and has never moved or changed. I will be going back to my Ortho next week to give him the good news. If he says, "Well, I don't know what else to do." I may remove something of his. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I haven't answered personal mail from you guys lately because I was in partial shock.

Sincerely, Lorraine

Update 5, 2002-02-03:

Jon, I just got a note from someone on your site that also had the op and was wondering how I was doing. I am happy to say that I am about 80% better than when I last updated! Shortly after ranting and raving, I began seeing a massage therapist. I am not sure whether my relief is a direct result of this therapy of if my problem was stubborn pain that refused to let go following my surgery. At this point, I don't care, I'll take it! I am sorry I didn't update sooner. I promised myself that I would be sure to send the good as well as the bad.

Hope all is well with you. Thinking of you all,


Updated 2002-02-03

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