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Original posting, 2002-09-01:


I'm writing to share my story with others who are going through this painful experience, or who may go through it in the future!

I started having terrible pains back around the end of April this year. I did not fall or anything I just started hurting. I had been to the doctor the day before for a cold and pain in my shoulder. He put me on Vioxx for arthritis. It really helped me the next day I started having stabbing pains in the tail bone. I kept on going and hoping that it would go away and a week later it was still there and worse.

I went back to my doctor, they ran test to no avail then he sent me to the hospital for an MRI which showed them nothing. He proceeded to give me shots which worked for about six hours and then the pain was right back. I went back to him and he told me he was sending me to a bone specialists and they checked, x-rayed, and diagnosed me to have coccyxedema (swelling in the tail bone and also it curves in). He put me on Celebrex which I tried to take but could not tolerate. Thank God for my pharmacist, she told me not to take Vioxx and Celebrex at the same time. I'm presently taking nothing, every now and then I take an Equate, something equal to Advil that cost exactly ninety-nine cents (smile), it does better for me than the medicine the doctor prescribed.

I have an appointment this Thursday to see another doctor in the clinic who is more educated in this area. That will determine whether or not I should have surgery and I must say from reading some of the reports on the site, I don't think that surgery is something that I'd be interested in. I must admit though that I already had a made up mind as to not have it, but I'm praying about it. I'm presently on leave until Thursday when I go for my appointment. That will determine whether I go back to work at all.

Oh yeah, I'm a bus driver of right at twenty years or more. I was told by the doctor that, that is what has contributed to my condition. I guess by now you know why I'm on leave, driving has really become a chore for me. Especially the school bus! By the time I get back to the terminal I can hardly remove myself from the chair.

Update 2002-11-10:

Here are some exercises for the coccyx, there may be someone out there who can benefit from these! I was told to do them twice a day. I'm doing real good since the shots in August, (I can feel some of the pain gradually coming back but thank God its not like it was at first). The doctor said surgery was not an option and that he does not like to do them, he stated that maybe he does about one every five years. Stay encouraged!


William's exercises

Update 2003-08-31:

I am writing again to let you guys know that I had one good year of very little pain, after taking the shots last August. They were classified as short term, and long term shots, they really did work. But the pain has reared its ugly head again I am praying about whether or not to take them again. I am in much pain especially when I sit down and go to get up it is almost breath taking.

I don't think it will be much longer before I have to get something done. My husband has told me he knows I need to go ahead and go, but I'm trying to withstand as long as I possibly can.

Praying for all of you. I will update as I go! I also want to thank you Jon for this blessed web site.

Update 2003-12-21:

I went to the doctor back in October and got a shot, I had to go right back the next week. I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe. Since that I had the shot again and it got worse.

I made up my mind I was not going back anymore, so I prayed and ask God for healing. I also wrote to Richard and Lindsay Roberts, I ask them to stand in faith with me as I believed God for my healing, they did and also sent me healing oil and a prayer cloth which I put in my bed around the area my buttocks would be positioned in, I anointed myself and did not give it another thought. I have been intending to update, but something always comes up but here it is the whole truth.

As I said in the last up-date I was going to believe God for a miracle, well I did and that is just what I got I have been pain free for over a month. One day I was reading about something else on line that was of importance to me, they talked about vitamin B-6 so I tried it. I was trying the B-6 for something else, the strangest thing happened I started moving around without much pain, the next few days I was pain free, yes I said it again, pain free. I don't know if you believe in God or not, but one thing I do know is that He is a miracle worker. I pray healing on all of you, I didn't want to be to quick with my results for fear it was not what I thought, but praise God it was and I am free of all that excruciating pain.

When I read the label on the vitamins I found out that vitamin B-6 is good for the nervous system, and I felt all along that, that is what was maybe part of the cause especially the area that it is in. The big knot that it felt like I was sitting on is gone, gone, gone Praise God! The vitamins cost me $2.05 the shot cost me over a hundred dollars a whop.

God bless you all is my prayer. I wish you the best.

P. S. I had also taken (3) predinisone that same week for a problem with my inner ear I had to get off of those things they make me sick. I praise God for my healing! I give Him the glory! I stand in prayer with all of you now in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, be healed.

I hope that I have helped you in some way! God Bless You all! You may write to me at any time. Blessings!

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