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I'm Mark, a 22 (23 Feb 19) year old father of one and another on the way. My first fight with coccyx pain was for about 2 months in college before Christmas break 2 years ago. The pain got progressively worse sitting at college, so I tried a kneeling chair during the Christmas holidays and between that and the different activities not involving sitting all day it faded. By the time I was back in classes I was fine. Then during the last two weeks in school it flared up some again. The summer holidays and less desk time allowed it to heal.

One year ago today I started a new job that was a 45 minute drive each way. At my job I sat for 8 hours, drove home for 45 minutes and sat for another 3 hours at home on my computer. The pain started faintly like at college but kept progressing. After about 6 months of this I had stabbing shooting pain from sitting for any length of time. I couldn't lay on my back, I couldn't lay on my side. Bending over hurt, picking up my son hurt.

I finally went to see a doctor who told me to sit on a pillow, yeah right. I'm 6'3" and 165 lbs, pretty thin. The doctor suggested I should also try and put on some weight to cushion my poor tailbone a little more. If I could ever put on weight I sure as heck would, but even a supercarb and protein and workout lifestyle only got up to 177 lbs and honestly I gained nothing in the rear region because there was too much pain to workout my lower body. My doctor also got me X-Ray'd but nothing came of that, of course. My doctor also put me on 3 Advil a day for the swelling and inflammation. After 2 or 3 weeks of this it did not feel like it was helping and I was terrified of the thought of what that stuff was doing to my liver.

I had to quit working out and quit karate too because I could feel it hurting the area. So since October I haven't really sat down. I thankfully work a job where I can spend my whole day standing. The car ride is brutal but thankfully I carpool and spend the entire trip laying down with the seat all the way back. When I drive myself I'm practically sitting in the back my seat is tipped so far back, I can't wait until I get pulled over for something to hear what the officer will say... I go to the nursery at church with my son so I can lay on the floor because even 30 minutes of a sermon would leave me stiff and grimacing in pain. At family meals I kneel on a cushion to eat. I hoped that staying off my keister for months on end would heal up the situation but apparently not. You can imagine how sore my feet are. 3 months of trying to sit in a "proper" position hoping that would help actually must have done extensive damage. I tried a kneeling chair again a month ago for an hour straight, wow that was a mistake.

Here I am 9 months after the pain started, 6 months of part time off my butt, and almost 3 months of completely staying upright or laying down on my stomach. I get little twinges now and again even from standing still, like using a computer, so I know I'm not healed yet. The psychological part of this problem is probably the worst. I have a hope that it will heal without surgery, but a little twinge here and there for the last three months make that hope fade a bit with even with the smallest bit of pain. I've also been seeing a chiropractor for a month without any noticeable improvement. I'm about to give up on that and am thinking about asking the doctor about cortizone shots. I'd rather not be a drain on the healthcare system and get the surgery if I could get away with it but the dread of having no choice is looming. Its hard not to be able to sit down and hold my son.

If anyone knows a good doctor/surgeon in Canada, British Columbia would be the best, I would love to get their contact information. Also any suggestions for treatment would be appreciated.

Pain in the a-- in Vancouver,


Updated 2002-02-17

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