Had surgery in 1997...still in pain....but holding on to hope....

Mary in Ohio - Mary902168@aol.com

I am a 58 year old Grandma Honey who has had surgery to remove my coccyx in 1997.

I had originally injured my coccyx riding a horse as a teenager. After that I managed to get along by just not leaning back. Then I re-injured it in 1996 and was sent to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery to take the coccyx out. The MRI showed that it was OK, but the surgeons said it must be the coccyx and wanted to take it out. I agreed because I was in such pain sitting. I wish I could say the surgery was worth it but the pain is really worse for me. I hope all those who are considering surgery will really look at this site for someone who has experience with this surgery. I seem to see that the doctors who have experience with the coccyx surgery have the very best results.

I had this little lump on the right side of the coccyx since I was a teenager and had the first injury. But no one seemed to take it seriously. Now I am more assertive, insisting that they look into a diagnosis for this lump. I had a CT scan last week and will see a general surgeon recommended by the Pain Clinic, Dr. Thomas. He asked that I have him look at the lump and read the results of the CT. X-rays have shown nothing.

I cannot seem to take any anti-inflammitories or antidepressants because I get such awful side effects that I cannot function, with migraine headaches and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) that result from taking most medications. The Cleveland Clinic Pain Clinic is suggesting the procedure that kills the nerve with electrical impulses. I can only hope that is effective.

Jon has the best advice in this site for helping to cope. I try to sit as little as possible and save my sitting time for dinner with family and friends, etc. I stand at the computer as long as I can and then I kneel. I bought a van with a level seat to make it easier to drive.

I have seen many doctors for this condition. I have not found the perfect one yet, but I am getting smarter about how to get a little better care along the way.

Hope this helps someone. Thanks to all the folks who share their story on this site. It helps to find many answers for all of us!!

Mary in Ohio

Updated 2002-07-28

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