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Melissa Schlee -

Original message posted 2002-01-13:

I am 29 years old and 6 months ago it became very painful to sit down! For no reason, my tail bone started bothering me and I have found no relief to this date. I did not have an accident, I did not fall down hard, nothing. My tail bone doesn't interfere with any other part of my life, except for sitting! Which I do all day long! So it's making my job difficult. It also makes my 45 minute commute into work difficult!

The first time I went to the doctors, they didn't even examine me and just diagnosed me with coccydynia. They said to get a doughnut and try to stay off of it as much as possible and that it would go away, but it would take time.

It has been 6 months now and nothing has helped. I have had X-Rays and they could find nothing, they examined the area and could find no cysts. The doctors seemed more stumped and confused and to this date, I have not felt confident about their diagnosis. I am also starting to feel a tingling sensation in my feet and my joints seem a little stiffer than normal. I'm starting me to think about a pinched nerve!

My next step is to get an MRI done and to also see whether or not a pinched nerve could be the culprit. I am very confused, concerned and frustrated. I can't believe or understand that pain would just appear for no apparent reason and then remain with me with no hope of relief. I just ordered the Coccyx Cushion from Gulf Bay Pharmacy and I'm hoping it'll work better than the doughnut! That contraption is pathetic and makes it feel worse than better!

It does bring comfort to read the other stories posted. I don't feel like I'm going out of my mind! If anyone has suggestions or knows of a good doctor or specialist in the DC Metro Area, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you - Melissa Schlee

Update posted 2002-03-23:

I just wanted to post an update. First of all, I couldn't believe how many responses I got to my initial posting! It's amazing and unfortunate how many people suffer from this pain. I have actually formed a mini-support group and it's comforting knowing I can turn to someone and they can turn to me for support, ideas or just to vent.

Well, here's what I have had done so far.

  1. X-ray of the pelvic area = Normal
  2. CT Scan of the pelvic = Normal
  3. Bone Scan of the pelvic = Normal

I have only been to a Neurologist (after my primary) and he is the one who has initiated these tests. He prescribed Methylprednisolone (didn't do a thing) and now wants me to take Neurontin.

I asked one of my close friends from college (she's a chiropractor) and she was informed by one of her co-workers that the company is being sued right now for marketing Neurontin for pain when it hasn't been tested in clinical trials for that. It's only been tested for epilepsy for patients. So, I'm debating whether or not I want to take it. I'm going to send an email to my Doctor and ask him about this. He may not even know. He also wants to try, if Neurontin doesn't work, an cortisone epidural to the lumbar spine. So, I have some choices to make.

There's a good website you can go on ( where I have done some research on the tailbone. It's a good site, pretty informative. It's funny, two main exams done (Palpation and Rectal Exam) have not been done on me yet ! No Doctor has performed them or brought them to my attention. It's like you have to go in there fully prepared and ask them what you want to have done to you!!

I'm going to an Osteopath this coming Wednesday and hopefully will find something there. I'm going to ask for an adjustment to my pelvic and sacrum. I'm also going to talk to him about the Palpation and Rectal Exam. Maybe soon I'll find some relief.

So, unfortunately, no luck or healing on my part. I did go and buy the book "Healing Back Pain" referred to by Todd's email. Hey, if I didn't injure the tailbone, and I don't know if I want to take a drug that has not been clinically tested, then what harm can a book bring.


Updated 2002-03-23

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