A good night's sleep

Mercedes de Miguel - mercedesdemiguel@hotmail.com

I had surgery to remove my coccyx a week ago, and the wound feels a bit better every day. Although very restricted still, every day I can do something else that I couldn't the day before. You can feel the changes in your body.

Fortunately, I managed to do without any drugs since the second day, and I sense how my body wants to heal and get back to motion soon. It's important to try walking a bit every day, even with those little and fragile steps we have at the very beginning. Get out of bed, and walk a little bit if you can. For me, it's harder to lay down than to stand, since it pulls the stitches more. So, I do try to move around the house, assisted by another person or even the furniture.

After 7 days of not getting comfortable in bed, I started to play around with the pillows. Lying on the back was not an option (too much pressure on the wound). Lying on the sides was difficult too, since I'd have to change sides every half an hour- too painful when turning. Hips and shoulders started to complain as well.

I finally found a more comfortable position while facing down, after 7 days of not getting much rest in bed. Maybe this can be of help to others. All you need is 4 pillows (you could borrow, ask, or steal from your neighbors if needed).

I really hope this helps you get a better night sleep after surgery, you'll be better soon. Just that minimal extension in the lower back, while lying down, was the most difficult thing for me and caused pain. Maybe you'll feel different after surgery. Explore.

Update 4 days later:

It's now been 11 days post-surgery. Last night we went to a small farewell party, which I was planning to attend only for a short while. I was doing very well, and we managed to stay for 3 hours; standing, walking, and talking to a few friends. It felt like a great accomplishment.

Once at home, it took a long while to find a comfortable position to sleep in bed. Everything hurts and pulls more the minute I lie down. After half and hour of trying to fall asleep, I had to get up again and move those 5 pillows. I visualized an effective way to sleep FLAT ON MY BACK, without touching the surface with my sore area, the butt. I had to tried out, and it worked !!! After repositioning the pillows, I felt asleep right away and woke up 8 hours later rested.

All you need is 5 PILLOWS (you may need to borrow some, but it's well worth it). One for the head, two for your lower back, two more for your upper legs. LEAVE A GAP between the pillows in your lower back, and the ones supporting the upper legs. This is the essential gap that will raise your buttocks from the mattress, so the wound and stitches can be pressure free, while your back is well supported !!! And you are on your way to a good night sleep.

Updated 2002-07-07

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