Sacro-coccygeal pain

Michael K -

Having sacro-coccygeal pain since October 2001. Tried several Chiropractors, Acupuncture, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Physiatrist, Neuros, Physical Therapy, and Massage. Currently on Vioxx once a day, Neurontin twice a day, and various narcotics. All but the neurotin help to some degree.

I've only had internal message of soft tissue along with coccyx movement.

Also looking for any feedback on the following injection technique: Coccydynia/Levator Syndrome, A Therapeutic Test, or others.

So I don't have to repeat myself whenever I see a new practitioner, I give them a copy of the following. Any comments you have after reading the profile that follows is appreciated. Thank you.

History of Back and Sacro-coccygeal Pain

Symtoms of Sacro-coccygeal Pain

Body Positions that aggravate sacro-coccygeal symptoms:

Relieves symptoms:

Neutral to Aggravates Symptoms:

Neutral to Symptoms:

Possible Contributing Factors to Sacro-coccygeal Pain



Questions to Ponder:

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