Very long tailbone


Original posting, 2002-11-17:

I developed tailbone pain while sitting for long periods in an office. It was terrible and I cried myself to sleep many a night because nothing gave me relief. I just couldn't understand how it developed almost overnight.

Unfortunately this site of support did not exist and I thought I was going mad. I went to several doctors but they could do nothing. One chiropractor suggested I have my tailbone removed but could not guarantee recovery. I tried donuts to sit on and pain killers. Then I developed hemorrhoids on top of this problem. I finally changed jobs to one which required more standing. The pain finally went away a few months later.

Now, years later, I started a new job which requires sitting again. The hemorrhoids are back and I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before the tailbone pain returns. It will again prevent me from doing the things I love, such as biking and snowmobiling. Not to mention making my day of sitting unbearable. I live in fear that I'll have to give up my job.

Update 2002-12-15:

After many painless years, my coccyx pain has returned due to my new job which requires sitting at a desk most of the day. I'm miserable.

I started seeing a new chiropractor who took new x-rays. He was shocked at the length of my tailbone. It's twice the size of a normal tailbone and even has a joint where a joint where a joint shouldn't be. I've been to 2 other chiropractor and an orthopedic surgeon. All took x-rays and I even had an MRI. I remember one mentioning that I had a long tailbone, but never said it was unusual and shrugged it off.

This new doctor was shocked. He had never seen anything like it. He also said my tailbone was crooked causing a misalignment of my sacrum. He suggests I talk to my boss about getting a stand up work station. He doesn't think surgery is necessary and may cause other problems. He's going to do more research and adjustments.

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