Injured my coccyx while tobogganing

Robert G

I injured my coccyx while tobogganing, I didn't want to take that last run, boy have I paid for it these last 2 years.

I visited my Chiropractor, he tried adjustments, nothing improved. I then got x-rays done (a year later), showing that arthritis has developed in the area. I tried the cortisone shot, the pain of the shot was worse than the original pain for 2 weeks, only temporary relief. When the pain flares up Tylenol does help, again only temporarily. I tried exercising, it does give some relief, but you have to keep at it.

A friend of mine with this discomfort tried acupuncture, it gave her 50% relief, so I'll give it a try. I can relate to ANON6, the symptoms are quite similar. I'll give an update after I have this done.

Robert G.

Posted 2001-05-14


It has been about a year since I said I was going to try acupuncture. I was waiting to get it done free through our health system and I'm still waiting for an appointment. I couldn't wait any longer. I went to an acupuncturist and paid. I had 9 treatments that were very uncomfortable and expensive. After the 3rd treatment, I felt some relief when lying down. When sitting, there was still no relief. After the 9th treatment, still no relief, I gave it up. The doctor said because of the delay in getting acupuncture treatment, on a 3 year old ailment there was a lot of work to be done to fix it. It was getting expensive and I wasn't feeling any better. I guess I'll be looking for another alternative. I hope someday to write you back and tell you a success.


Updated 2002-01-13

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