Change in weather causes severe pain

Ronda -

My daughter is 10 years old. About 2 years ago she slipped on some wet pavement outside of a restaurant. She laid there for a few minutes in excruciating pain. My mother and I helped her to her feet and she hobbled into the restaurant crying. She couldn't sit down to eat. We were in between softball games and when we returned to the field she started crying again and told me she couldn't play because it hurt too bad. So she sat on the bench, but it was just that one game, she said she was fine to play the next. She played the rest of the tournament with a little pain in her tailbone.

She told me that it only hurt a little the next morning and that was it, no more complaints after that. Later that year she slipped in the kitchen floor, flat on her back, screaming, she couldn't get up. I calmed her down and helped her up. She went to her room and laid down for a while. When she finally got up she only had a little bit of pain in her tailbone. Ever since that day she gets severe pain in her tailbone when the weather changes, almost like arthritis. The severity of the pain almost incapacitates her. That is the only time her tailbone hurts.

All I've done is just given her Tylenol and seems to go away. I've never taken her to the doctor over it or even mentioned it to the doctor when I've had to take her for something else.

Is this something she's probably going to live with the rest of her life? Is the pain probably going to get worse and/or more frequent? Is this in fact some form of arthritis?

If anybody has any answers or comments I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Updated 2002-12-22

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