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Shellie Golden - sgoldenmn@aol.com

Posted 2002-01-13:

On November 12, 2000, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Had an epideral...no pain. During the "pushing" (only 40 minutes) we heard a very loud "POP" sound. Everything stopped. But then we kept going.

After over a year of terrible sitting and sitting to standing position pain, weeks of physical therapy, injections, finally a diagnosis. My coccyx bone is broken. The doctor (he has done three of these operations in the last 20 years) set up surgery for me to have it removed. Wednesday, January 16, 2002 is the date.

I would like to hear from others that have had the surgery. I am a secretary and sit most of the day. The surgery is set up as out-patient, but the doctor thinks I might have to stay overnight if the pain is too bad. He thinks I will be out of work about 2 weeks. Any information would be great!

My e-mail at home is Shellie Golden - sgoldenmn@aol.com. Thank you. I live in Duluth, Minnesota.


I did have the operation on the 16th and just got out of the hospital this afternoon (January 22 2002). The surgeon thought it would be as an outpatient, but no way. Too much pain. The doctor said the surgery went well. He used all dissolving stitches...so that I won't have to have them taken out. He also used a new dressing that releases a silver ions over 7 days. The doctor said that worked great.

My biggest problem was feeling like I was going to throw up and being constipated. I was in a ton of pain after the surgery so I was given a lot of morphine. I was finally taken off the morphine on Sunday afternoon and just given Lortabs. I cannot sit at all. I did sleep pretty good on my sides. I just kept switching sides. My elbows are raw from using them to lift myself to roll over. The car ride home today was not too bad...I just leaned over in the back seat. I cannot return to work until I see the doctor again. He figured one to two more weeks.

I am very happy I had this done. Good luck! Any further questions, please email me.


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