Tailbone pain and lump

Stef - wishythewishgivr@Aol.com

Original message 2002-05-26:

I'm only 14 and to tell you the truth I hate doctors. They scare me a lot. So I've been trying to avoid seeing one since this pain started about 2 weeks ago. I never fell or anything I just woke up one morning and noticed that I had a slight pain in my tailbone. Then a couple days ago I went riding on our jet ski and I either ruptured something or just irritated it, but it hurt a lot more. I took some pain relievers and thought nothing of it.

Well now I've been awake all night because I can't sleep because it hurts so bad. I also noticed a lump developing. It wasn't there before and it doesn't hurt to touch it but to touch around it hurts...

If anyone else had this problem please email me and tell me what you did about it.

Thanks! ~Stef

Update 2002-06-16:

Well, I saw a doctor, and found out I had a pilonoidal cyst. They are very painful and are basically abscesses that are caused by a cyst. They eventually fill with nasty stuff (you don't want me to tell you lol) and they have to be drained. Not a fun experience, but I had surgery the day after I posted my last post and now I'm so much better. The pain was relieved almost instantly, it was only sore from the surgery afterwards. The only inconvenience is that it has to be re-packed everyday with packing strips because it is an open wound. But I'm almost totally through with my ordeal and I'm glad I saw a doctor. If you think you might have the same thing, don't wait to see a doctor because the infection could spread through your whole body!! ahhh.


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