Is this normal?

Sue -

I injured my tailbone last year in January. I slipped on a tile floor and proceeded to fall directly on my rearend with my son in my arms. At the time I was grateful that my son had not hit the floor and was "glad" that I had fallen in the position that I did.

After falling (we were out of town), we had a 12 hour drive home. My pain has gotten progressively worse. I sit at a computer all day long and it is very painful to sit. I went to my medical doctor and she ordered a full x-ray on my spine including my coccyx. Everything came back normal. I have severe lower back pain, pain in the backs of my legs, pain in my rearend muscles. I have noticed that it is sometimes painful to go to the bathroom especially when I haven't gone in a while. It is more painful to sit on one side than the other.

Please tell me I'm not absolutely crazy and that there are others in my situation.

Updated 2002-01-27

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