How I help my Coccydinia pain

Sue Thompson -

In a nutshell, I've suffered from Coccydinia for over 7 years. I've had strong painkillers & one steroid injection (neither worked), use a foam cushion at work & inflated rubber ring on long journeys.

If the pain gets very severe I've found that homeopathic remedies are the only thing that can help to touch that horrible pain in any way.

Sceptical before I took them, I was amazed that after 3 days taking Hypericum 10M the pain had stopped. I now use these pills (alongside Arnica tablets which you may know are used to relieve pain from bruises) only occasionally but they always work for me.

I spoke with a Homeopather at who prescribed my tablets over the phone for about £5! The way I saw it, when my Osteopath suggested homeopathy, I felt I'd try anything and I'm forever grateful I took his advice and made the call. Hypericum has a reputation for being suitable to treat nerve pain, especially around the coccyx ~ it could have been designed for us!

I see at least one other reader has commented on Hypericum's success with her coccydinia. I would love to hear from anyone who tries Hypericum and/or Arnica.

Good luck to fellow sufferers. I've found this site so helpful and it's good to know we're not suffering alone.

Note from Jon Miles:

Hypericum 10M is a homeopathic medicine. The '10M' means that it has been diluted by a factor of 1000, ten times in succession, so that the original Hypericum has been diluted by a factor of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, and there is none of the Hypericum left in the medicine given. See Homeopathy for more information.

Updated 2002-04-14

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