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Sue Buckley - tonybuckley@btopenworld.com

Original posting, 2002-08-25:

I am a sufferer of coccyx pain. It began three years ago with no injury. Got gradually worse to the extent that I could not sit down except on one 'cheek' at a time or lie with my legs up at my side. Saw a specialist, who said there was no damage, and because I had had three pregnancies and a hysterectomy, that area was under more strain than normal. The pain can be mild to excruciating depending on the type of seat I sit on. Hard seats are a real no no. I find that I now have to sit very upright, balancing on my 'front' bones rather than on my bottom. Anti inflammatory tablets combined with painkillers usually ease the pain but I WANT IT TO GO AWAY. My specialist says it can take up to three years to ease but will probably not go away completely. Surgery is not recommended because it can cause other problems and is not always successful.

I find I now make allowances for the pain and I 'live' with it, knowing when to get up to relieve the pressure. I regularly just arch my back while sitting and this takes the edge off the pain. I am resigned to the fact that I will have some pain on and off for the rest of my life but try to just ignore it, although it is not a pain you can ignore.

I sympathise with all the sufferers on your site and am pleased that I am not alone in my misery!!

Sue Buckley

Update, 2003-03-30:

After prolonged treatment on anti-inflamatories and painkillers, I am now experiencing considerable relief. In fact I have had no medication now for three months.

One helpful piece of information for all you 'drivers'. There are two cushions you can use in the car available from disability companies.

One is called Coccyx relief cushion. The other is called the Boney Parts cushion. I bought mine from a local mobility shop.

With the latter cushion, I found fantastic relief, for both in the car and in the home. I am sure that relieving the stress on the area when driving etc. allows the tissues to rest and therefore give relief.

I hope this info is useful. By the way, they cost about £14.

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