Oyster shell supplement causing tailbone pain?

Susan Seago - khysusarabians@hotmail.com

I am a 45 year old woman. Concerned for my bone health at my age, I began adding a calcium supplement to my daily diet. Over the last year, I suffered with tailbone pain. It had become so uncomfortable, I avoided sitting . This led to a doctor's visit and exam. I was told "we don't know what causes this pain, and don't know what to do for it".

Soon after I was to attend a conference out of state and forgot my daily vitamins, on my return trip, I was aware my tail bone was slightly less painful. The flight to and from my destination required my sitting all day, and provided an opportunity to measure my discomfort. Upon my return, I decided to discontinue my vitamin intake and within a month the pain was all but gone.

Soon after I took a B6 pill one night, for my carpal tunnel pain that flares up from time to time. I decided to take a calcium while I was at it. The next day, my tail bone was providing a dull pain. After a few days with no calcium, the pain was gone again. I then decided to try another kind of calcium. I am certain my pain was caused by taking oyster shell in Oscal. I now take calcium citrate in Citracal and have had NO tail bone pain since the switch. My pain had been daily for months before the switch.

Helpful Regards,

Susan Seago

Updated 2002-08-25

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