Had surgery - tailbone was barely attached

Tamela - XPaNdOrAzx@aol.com

I injured my tailbone during childbirth a year and a half ago, due to the ignorance of my doctor. I suffered over a year with severe pain , which was very life altering. You just don't know true pain until you have to rock your baby to sleep everyday with a broken tailbone.

I was finally able to find a doctor, thanks to this web site. I had the surgery done and everyone was as nice as they could be. The doctor said that my tailbone was barely attached, and that I should definitely start to feel better.

Well, 7 weeks after surgery the pain from the surgery has gone but my tailbone (or lack there of) actually hurts worse than before the surgery. I can barely do anything now. I am going back to my doctor to see what has happened, and I have to say I am nervous. I have had so many bad experiences with doctors and their arrogant attitudes, that I'm afraid that I'll make this long trip, and all he'll say is keep sitting on your doughnut or something stupid like that.

Oh well, all I can do is wish for the best.


Updated  2002-07-14

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