Dislocated coccyx removed


Hi, my name is Tandra and I am a 35 year female. I fell down 4 steps last August (2001) and suffered a reasonable amount of pain from that time on both when sitting and in particular when going to stand. I went to my local GP and was told that I probably fractured it and to wait a couple of months as it takes that long too start to feel better. No X ray done at this stage.

At Christmas (2001) I again fell down steps (yes I am probably clumsy) and now avoid steps like the plague! This time the pain was considerable and constant. After two weeks the only time the pain was not present was when standing or lying on my side. In particular driving anywhere for more than 10 minutes was just about impossible and when ventured I could first of all hardly stand up out of the car and once standing experienced difficult walking. Laying down caused pain and I could not lean back at all in any chair. Standing up after sitting caused the most pain.

I went to the doctor after the 2 weeks and was sent for X-rays which confirmed a "Posterior Dislocation" of the last 2 bones of my coccyx. I was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon who first off performed a 'manipulation' and also an injection of Steroids and long acting anesthetic. This was done in March 2002 and I would have to say this did very little to alleviate my symptoms.

In July 2002 I went back to the surgeon to discuss the next step of removal of the 2 dislocated bones. He asked me to think about it as he was not keen to perform the operation and to also look on the internet. Which I did including this site. Whilst I would have to say I was very nervous to go ahead I went back in August and said Yes let's go.

The Operation was completed on September 5 2002. A 1 hour op to remove the dislocated bones so I still have some tailbone left. I was in hospital for 2 days and took another week to recover. The second week after the operation recovery was very rapid and I was sitting and walking without a problem. Keeping the wound clean was vital to avoid infection and I did request from my surgeon to cut as high as he could. I had no infection and the wound healed very well. It does feel a bit different for a while but the bonus is that I can sit and lean back, lie down with no pain and in fact drove for 2 hours just 2 weeks after the operation with NO PAIN AT ALL. Therefore I would have to say the operation was a success for me. I think that still having some tailbone might be some of the reason that I have recovered so well, but all in all the results are fantastic.


Updated 2002-10-06

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