I'm ready to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!

Linda Terry

Original posting 2001-12-09:

I'm writing to let you know that I am scheduled to talk to my Doctor December 14 on coccygectomy. I too have been suffering for 5 years and have been down the road with all procedures. I think I am a good candidate for this surgery, God knows it could not get any worse. This Doctor has taken out about 20 in his years of practice.

I thank all of you for all the testimonies it will help me sort through it. Just to read some of the same things that I am going through helps a lot. Thanks God for this web-site.

Update 2002-09-29:

I had surgery on 19 June 2002, and thought I'd give you my update. My doctor is Dr. Edmond Dyas in Mobile, Alabama, a great doctor (note - died in 2011). He did a complete removal of my t-bone, it was curved down and sharp point on one side, he said it was one of the worst he had seen.

I stayed in hospital 1 day and had stitches out in 5 days. I went back to work 2 months later, but still have soreness when I sit too long. He reassures me that in time it will get better. I am glad I had this done, just wish I would of found him sooner. For anyone thinking of having this, you have to be patient because it does take time to heal those delicate tissues.

Update 2003-01-19:

Just wanted to let you know I'm coming up on 7 months since surgery, each day I'm doing better. Am I glad I had the surgery? you bet, wish it could of been done years ago.

I still have soreness in that area but hope in time that will heal. My sacrum has been flaring up but my PT takes care of that. I found out last month I bone spurs in both feet, so I've been under Dr care and Physical Therapy, needless to say the feet hurt so bad I forget about bottom pain.

Take care, Linda

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