Looking for a good doc in Los Angeles-South Bay area

Tina Nakai - minalouisa@yahoo.com

Dear Jon,

First of all, I would like to thank you for creating this website. I gave birth to my son 16 months ago, a great and miraculous event that unfortunately left me with a "bent" tailbone. I've had cortisone injections, directly into my tailbone, as well as several into my lower spine. I've tried anti-inflammatories and sit on a donut pillow, but nothing works. In fact, my pain only seems to be increasing and radiating a bit on the left of my rear and into my hamstring.

Anyway, I was reading the personal experiences on your site because I've been thinking about removing my coccyx altogether, something I'd been advised against by a rheumatologist. However, a lot of the results looked promising. I'm now about to start looking for a doctor with experience in this area in Southern California, preferably the "South Bay" area. I wanted to know if anyone out there could refer someone.

All I know is that I want to be able to sit through a movie someday and do some of the activities I used to without worrying that I'll injure myself even more. OK, I'd just be happy if I could sit without pain.

Thanks again and I hope to hear from anyone soon...

Tina Nakai

Updated 2002-03-10

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